Pastel Perfection : Kylie’s Latest Look

Pastel PerfectionKylie Jenner is no stranger to dramatic hair changes. The reality star, model, author and fashion designer ( did I forget any titles?) has experimented with color, extensions and blunt cuts just within the past year, but the most recent look is definitely our favorite. Kylie debuted her latest style, long icy blue hair, Thursday evening on her Instagram and we are OBSESSED. We got an even better glimpse of her icy locks after images from the event for  Kylie Hair Kouture by Bellami Hair were plastered all over the internet. She looks like a magical pastel My Little Pony, but somehow this is one of her most mature looks, also note the exact shade of blue on her tips as well – this girl knows how to use color.


Want to get the look?

The best way to achieve this is by using a 3-step system from Manic Panic, the cult classic brand behind vibrant hair hues.

First, start out with the Flash Lightning Bleach Kit. For Kylie’s look leave about an inch of your roots exposed. Next, mix their Pastelizer with a jar of High Voltage dye in Atomic Turquoise — the amount to mix will depend on what shade of pastel teal you want so be patient while mixing! Apply the mixture, wait and rinse out to get Kylie’s latest color treatment. These products are available online and in Sally Beauty Supply.

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Tried & True : T3 SinglePass Professional Straightening & Styling Iron

My fiancée recently surprised me on my birthday with one of the most coveted styling tools, the T3 SinglePass 1″ Straightener  — another suggestion from hair fairy godmother Keeley.2436302

My hair is curly, frizzy, coarse and extremely thick so when I look for hair styling tools I need something that straightens my hair fast and does an amazing job. Previously, I was using a CHI Air 1″ Flat Iron and it did the job but it seemed to lose its heating power after a while and stopped giving me the results that I wanted. When I brought up the issue to my stylist she suggested that I save my money and invest in a T3 since I style my hair nearly every other day. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait as long to get my hands on it since my amazing beau spoils me. Before I get into my review of the T3, here are the details from the manufacturer:

  • 1″ plates
  • Adjustable digital SinglePass instant heating up to 450° F
  • Precision engineered, Tourmaline infused, Ceramic plates for smooth glide
  • 9-ft professional swivel cord
  • Heat resistant cleaning mat included
  • World voltage
  • Two-year warranty

So, what does that all even mean? First thing I want to touch on is the adjustable heating dial and controls. My previous styling irons, curling wands, pretty much everything featured controls on the outside that I would inexplicably press while styling and the tool would turn off. This iron has interior controls that are easily accessible and impossible to turn off while styling. Unlike any other tool I’ve used the iron also heats up to 450 ° F and has the precision engineered, tourmaline, ceramic plates. This allows the iron to create a gliding motion which smooths your cuticles, seals in the straightness and ensures a frizz-free style. (Trust me, I live in the Midwest it really is frizz-free style.)

Plus, it used to take me over an hour to do my hair since I had to go over the same pieces multiple times. Like the name suggests, I only had to pass through my hair once per strand to get the desired look that I wanted and it took me thirty, 3-0, minutes to style my hair.

Another thing I want to point out is the fact that the exterior of the plates get hot. My previous styling iron had cool-to-the-touch protective exterior, which is awesome unless you want to create beachy waves with your straightener. This iron lets you create those waves and curls, I recommend using a heat glove since the iron does get hot on the exterior near the plates. However your hands are protected on the base/lower part of the iron. Making waves is also a snap with this tool, I managed to create an entire head of beach waves in less than thirty minutes when starting with my already kinked air-dried curls.

At $160 it is pretty steep for a styling iron, but based on how much I used the tool after having it for just 5 days I know I am getting my money’s worth out of it. If you constantly straighten or wave your hair and are looking for something that will give you amazing results in a short amount of time, I would seriously consider investing in a quality product like the T3. I absolutely love it. Its efficient, gives me amazing results and the white and black iron features tiny rhinestones on the handle — so cute.

For more information you can head over to T3.

xo AC

Cult Classic: Bumble and bumble

BBSo I recently did the impossible, and found my dream stylist. My hair is extremely curly, frizzy and thick — which makes it incredibly difficult to cut or style, especially with the Midwest humidity. I have never had a stylist who can actually tame my hair into the Pinterest image that I have used for inspiration. My latest endeavor to the salon lead me to Keeley, my hair fairy godmother.

The only negative thing about having this gem in my life is the fact that she introduced me to Bumble and bumble products. I am a total doormat and if someone puts me on the spot and says “here buy this,” I will.  These products, albeit expensive (expect to blow the majority of a part-time paycheck on them), have completely transformed my hair and made it simple to get the styles that I wanted. I’m definitely sipping the Bumble and bumble Kool-Aid and will forever be a part of the cult following. I thought I’d share in case some of you lovelies have the same difficulties I have with styling and maintaining my healthy hair.

Bumble and bumble Quenching Shampoo // $31

I know, I know, $31 is steep for a shampoo, but it completely eliminates all of the dryness that I used to experience with my previous drugstore shampoo. It smells amazing, is gentle and restorative enough to use daily and you will find yourself asking strangers to feel how soft your hair is. Also, I saved some cash because Keeley informed me that the shampoo is more essential when compared to the conditioner, which essentially just offers a wax coat. Save the money and just grab a drugstore conditioner, I use Aussie Total Miracle 7-in-1 ($3.59) and it’s fantastic.

Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer // $27

Sephora describes this product as a “pre-styler that protects, conditions, and eases styling for dry, brittle, or coarse hair.” I mist this onto my hair and run it through to the ends before blow drying, straightening or curling my tresses. It makes it hold the style, while keeping the moisture in my hair and prevents split ends. I’ve turned friends and family on to this product and they have also made it a must-have in their styling routine.

Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion Spray // $29

What is summer without sexy beach waves? This new spray is similar to Bb’s classic Surf Spray, but infuses oils to maintain softness and shine while adding texture. I love spraying this while styling with a curling wand, or even on my natural curls while my hair is still damp. As it air dries it helps maintain the shape of the curls and adds volume. Just one tip! Make sure to shake the product before using it since the oil does separate and floats on the surface of the spray.

All Bumble and bumble products are available online at their website, at Sephora or other higher-end retailers. You can also check your local salon to see if they carry Bumble and bumble products.