Catching Some Zzzs : Z Palette Review and Depotting Tips!

Z Palette Review

Hello readers, sorry for the brief hiatus but I’m back! While on my small blogging break, I discovered one of my favorite new beauty products the Z Palette!

The Z Palette is a magical item that magnetically stores all of your refill makeup pans, or your de-potted shadows, blushes, highlighters, etc. (It also comes in different sizes and prints/colors.) It allows you to build a custom palette using varying brands essentially – and it’s amazing.

I have been curious about the Z Palette for a long time. My Naked 2 palette sadly got destroyed when my cat knocked it off of the counter, broken hinge and a shattered Blackout. So I jumped at the opportunity to rehome the palette’s intact shadows. (I also hate having all of my eyeshadow singles cluttering my makeup bag.)

I bought the medium Z Palette from Amazon in black for $15.30, but the palettes are available at other retailers like Sephora, Ulta and MakeupGeek. I figured I should start small in my venture into re-paletting(?) I managed to depot the Naked 2 palette, a MAC shadow, Mythology, and another UD shadow, Blunt. Here are the final results…

Z-Palette       Z-Palette

De-potting, the process of removing the shadow from its casing and putting it into the Z Palette, was not easy and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without YouTube tutorials. For the Naked palette de-potting I used Kaiden Capri’s tutorial and Brittany Sarah’s tutorial, which you can find here, for single eyeshadows. **My tip would be to take it slow! I got overly excited, went very quickly and destroyed a mini LORAC PRO palette I wanted to de-pot. Oops.**  Also, you can buy single pan eyeshadows (without the packaging) from several stores and skip this stressful step. My go-to for pan eyeshadow is MAC, you can get the same shades for a steal when you buy single-pan refills ($10 compared to $15).

Oh! Before I forget another note is that you can write the names of your shadows on the metal backings of the pan, for the singles though, I just took the stickers off of my shades and stuck them on the back of the Z Palette under the corresponding shade, like this:

Z-Palette Shade Stickers

I love that with this palette I can merge some of my eyeshadow stash, and can’t wait to collect more Z Palettes and grab some pan shadows from MAC. I’ll be sure to update you with new makeup pans for my Z Palette and hopefully I won’t get too addicted!

Do you have a Z Palette? What is your favorite store for refills?

Let me know in the comments section below!


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